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Old 09-26-2019, 05:58 PM
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Default GetSegmentsAfter not working now

I've been using this code template a good while now but now it is throwing an error. Has something changed? Is there a newer version? The one I have is from

Author: Nick Rupley
Date Modified: 2/13/2013

function call:

var nteSegments = getSegmentsAfter(msg,msg.ORC,'NTE',true);


196: // Return the output array
197: return out;
198: }
199: function getSegmentsAfter(root, startSeg, segName, consecutiveInd, stopSegNames) {
200: // The index to start collection is the next one up from the starting segment
201: var index = startSeg.childIndex()+1;
202: // The return array
203: var out = [];
204: // Boolean placeholder to stop iteration
205: var done = false;
DETAILS: TypeError: childIndex is not a function, it is xml.
at 30b99ead-72de-4fd3-8034-5f791b2c08ba:201 (getSegmentsAfter)
at 30b99ead-72de-4fd3-8034-5f791b2c08ba:838 (doTransform)
at 30b99ead-72de-4fd3-8034-5f791b2c08ba:898 (doScript)
at 30b99ead-72de-4fd3-8034-5f791b2c08ba:900
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Old 09-27-2019, 07:56 AM
agermano agermano is offline
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My guess would be that either your message doesn't have an ORC segment or it has more than one. You have to pass a single node for startSeg so it knows which segment you are "getting after."
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