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Old 10-09-2015, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by dkirwilliam View Post
Hello from InterSystems Ensemble-world! I have the pleasure of developing with Orion Rhapsody, Ensemble AND Mirth Connect.

I'll give you my bug-bears about Mirth since I'm in a good position to compare them

1. No mechanism to 'test' a transformation without deploying it and using it
2. No definable message schemas
3. No built-in 'lookup table' mechanism
4. No indexable message searching
Former Orion employee here (Rhapsody Expert Certified), recently now a Mirth employee...
#1 is probably my biggest miss from Rhapsody as well. I will look through JIRA and see if it's not already logged as an enhancement request. If not, I'll log it as I think it would be a beneficial feature.

For #3 and #4 there are solutions in Mirth now that are decent.

For "lookup tables" like Rhapsody has, you could use a java hashmap. The only problem is that it's limited to key-value pairs; whereas rhapsody's functionality mimics an Excel spreadsheet vLookup type functionality.

For indexable message searching, you can now add "custom metadata" fields that are indexed for searching. Any variable you define on a channel map is available to use on this screen and is indexed for searching. It works in similar manner to indexing a message property on a Rhapsody route. Not sure which version this was introduced, but it is most definitely available in the latest version. (3.3 as of this writing)
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