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Old 02-10-2020, 06:52 AM
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Default Mirth "statefulness" clarifications

I need your help to understand Mirth behaviour. I want to understand how "stateful" it is.
Doing some experiments, I understand there is no risk of messages loss as they are persisted in the DB at every stage.
What I donít understand is how the processing is supposed to be resumed.
Letís say that Mirth is restarted while it is processing a message or it has some messages in a queue. After the restart I can see the messages are there, but the processing is not resumed automatically, I have to reprocess them by hand.
Is there any way to resume the processing automatically from the last persisted status? Is it possible to reconstruct the queues from the d_mm*.status column?

Another question is about handling custom persistent data. I know that GlobamMap and GlobalChannelMap are in memory data structures. Is there any alternative (fast enough) to persist some processing data between restarts (for example to use in a filter)?

The reason I am concerned about this is that in a cloud-native environment (K8s), it is quite common and it happens quite often that applications are restarted (moving Pods around is the norm). My concern is that in a K8s cluster, Mirth behaviour could be crippled. For example you cannot count on GlobalMap at all (the Pod could be restarted anytime), or message queue may need to be restarted by hand every time the Pod is recreated.
Has anybody experience in running Mirth in K8s?

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Old 02-13-2020, 10:37 AM
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There are many concerns with running mirth in any type of cluster. There is an advanced clustering plugin with paid nextgen support that addresses them.
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kubernetes, stateless

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