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Old 04-16-2010, 09:09 AM
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Default Hi - 25 years exp - signing up for Mirth


I got in into health information in 1985 as a student. In my mind I have 25 years of thought on the matter and I think I like Mirth's direction. Thank you for letting me speak on the forum. I spent my hospital time in the release section and it has become my mission nay, fixation to send records from one place to another deftly. If Mirth can help me do that, please let me know how.

I've always had the idea that upon completion, records should be sent to a third party repository for subsequent management and then hospitals would access that information. The hospital keeps their data for business reasons and the same data would go to the repository for use in subsequent care.

I'm my opinion, the record keeping structure we have for patients is still hospital centric and not patient centric.

Electronic medical records aren't ultimately necessary. They don't support themselves economically. Certain parts do but over all, no. They look great and should look great but usually don't deliver;

1) most people in the world are too poor to be involved in emedrec keeping.
2) the cost of disease treatment supported by emedrecs keeping typically doesn't justify the expense of the emedrecs.

Medical record keeping begins at birth and really pre birth.

I've always wondered if community based hospitals can be sued for buying proprietary software when open source would work as well.

I think thats enough. Respond if you like. Cheers!

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