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Old 05-17-2019, 05:44 AM
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Unhappy Help with String Contains

Novice so while I appreciate any response, something dumbed down would be better for me.

We are pulling Working DRG HL7 messages (BAR-P01). ZRG.4 may say several things. Medicare V.36, APR (all versions) V.36 or Rhode Island Mcd APR V.34 have all come so far. These version numbers will change yearly so I would like to search on 'Medicare' only and 'APR' only.

I tried this:
for each (zrg in msg.ZRG)
if ((zrg['ZRG.4']['ZRG.4.1'].toString().indexOf('Medicare') != -1))
zrg['ZRG.1']['ZRG.1.1'] = msg['ZRG']['ZRG.2']['ZRG.2.1'].toString();
zrg['ZRG.2']['ZRG.2.1'] = 'W';

AND I tried this (among a hundred other things)
if ((msg['ZRG'][0]['ZRG.4']['ZRG.4.1'].toString().indexOf('Medicare') != -1))
msg['ZRG'][0]['ZRG.1']['ZRG.1.1'] = msg['ZRG'][0]['ZRG.2']['ZRG.2.1'].toString();
msg['ZRG'][0]['ZRG.2']['ZRG.2.1'] = 'W';

else if ((msg['ZRG'][0]['ZRG.4']['ZRG.4.1'].toString().indexOf('APR') != -1))
msg['ZRG'][0]['ZRG.1']['ZRG.1.1'] = msg['ZRG'][0]['ZRG.2']['ZRG.2.1'].toString();
msg['ZRG'][0]['ZRG.2']['ZRG.2.1'] = 'W';
msg['ZRG'][0]['ZRG.3']['ZRG.3.1'] = '2019';


but am getting nothing.
Any suggestions?
Thanks, Patti
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Old 05-17-2019, 09:11 AM
Brad_AZ Brad_AZ is offline
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Hi Patti,

What do you mean by getting nothing?

Here's what I see using your 2nd block of code:

ZRG|1|2|3|Medicare V 36, XXX|

is transformed to

ZRG|2|W|3|Medicare V 36, XXX|
ZRG|1|2|3|XXXX V 36, APR|

is transformed to

ZRG|2|W|2019|XXXX V 36, APR|
ZRG|1|2|3|XXXX V 36, XXX|

is not transformed

Seems to be doing what you are asking... Can you post a full sample of your source message?
SIG|1|Brad|Mirth Certified Interface Analyst^Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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string contains

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