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Old 11-21-2017, 02:52 AM
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Default Append New segment in between two segments


I am new to this mirth. I need to create a new hl7 from database query.

I have built some basic segments using segment. Now i need to insert new segment in between existing segments of template (I need to insert IN1 between PV1 and ORC in the below)

Below are the sample message and transformer i have used. But Transformer is not working as expected.

Template message

MSH|^~\&|wrewrwe|1100|TMP|TMP|Message Date||OML^O21|66F4FD61-7587-40E1-AB2B-2C5FECD8FFF3|D|2.5.1
PID|1||2A012070D7||INTERFACE^TEST||19881106|M|||AD DRESS1^^SCHENECTADY^NY^123459998|||||||123456

Transformer used

function in1SetSegmentDefaultValues(in1Cnt) {

// compilation of fields with activity in the database
var in1MsgID = in1Cnt;
var in1Parent = in1Cnt;
var in1CreateDate = in1Cnt;
var in1ID = in1Cnt;
var in1SetID = in1Cnt;
var in1PlanID = in1Cnt;
var in1CoID = in1Cnt;
var in1CoName = in1Cnt;
var in1Group = in1Cnt;
var in1PlanType = in1Cnt;
var in1LName = in1Cnt;
var in1FName = in1Cnt;
var in1RelToPat = in1Cnt;
var in1DOB = in1Cnt;
var in1InsAddr1 = in1Cnt;
var in1InsCity = in1Cnt;
var in1InsState = in1Cnt;
var in1InsZip = in1Cnt;
var in1TypeCode = in1Cnt;
var in1PolicyNumber = in1Cnt;
var in1CoverageType = in1Cnt;

// Add any field transformation logic here
var in1 =new XML("<IN1></IN1>");
// Set Default Values in HL7 Transaction
if (in1SetID) in1['IN1.1']['IN1.1.1'] = in1SetID;
if (in1PlanID) in1['IN1.3']['IN1.3.1'] = in1PlanID;
if (in1CoName) in1['IN1.4']['IN1.4.1'] = in1CoName;
if (in1InsAddr1) in1['IN1.5']['IN1.5.1'] = ""; // Ronnie indicated we don't store address. ?
if (in1Group) in1['IN1.8']['IN1.8.1'] = in1Group;
if (in1LName) in1['IN1.16']['IN1.16.1'] = in1LName;
if (in1FName) in1['IN1.16']['IN1.16.2'] = in1FName;
if (in1RelToPat) in1['IN1.17']['IN1.17.1'] = in1RelToPat;
if (in1DOB) in1['IN1.18']['IN1.18.1'] = in1DOB;
if (in1InsAddr1) in1['IN1.19']['IN1.19.1'] = in1InsAddr1;
if (in1InsCity) in1['IN1.19']['IN1.19.3'] = in1InsCity;
if (in1InsState) in1['IN1.19']['IN1.19.4'] = in1InsState;
if (in1InsZip) in1['IN1.19']['IN1.19.5'] = in1InsZip;
if (in1PolicyNumber) in1['IN1.36']['IN1.36.1'] = in1PolicyNumber;
if (in1CoverageType) in1['IN1.47']['IN1.47.1'] = in1CoverageType;

tmp.insertChildBefore(tmp.PV1, in1);
//tmp.insertChildBefore(child1, child2)
return (true);

function in1ReadTable() {

var rSet = 3;
var in1Cnt = 1;
while (rSet > 1) {

return true;

- Append child is working and it's appending In1 at the end
- But InsertChildBefore is not working
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appendsegment, insertchildafter, segment

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