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Old 10-25-2013, 12:02 PM
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Cool Remove FT1 then Change PR1 to FT1

The code I am using works, but I wanted to post it and see if there is a better programming to accomplish what I am doing. I am using Mirth version

Explanation: I receive supply and procedure charges in one interface feed. I need to split this into two messages one with only supply codes/charges, one with procedure codes/charges. The message I receive has supply codes in FT1's and procedure codes in PR1's. The messages I create for supply codes and procedure codes must only have FT1's and must be in the same format as the FT1's in the original message.

This is the message I receive:
MSH|^~\&|CATH^Sensis||^Server||20131022172800||DFT ^P03|1564|P|2.4
PID||M000000049|M000000049||ONBASE^JESSIE^WILLIAM| |19421019|M|||V00000000022|||||||V00000000022|123-45-6782
FT1|0|||20131022130525|20131022172801|CG|4810027|C HC and Coronaries|1|1
FT1|2|||20131022130525|20131022172801|CG|0007687|C ook Needle|1|1
FT1|3|||20131022130525|20131022172801|CG|0009987|C OOK Microstick Stiff|1|1
FT1|4|||20131022130525|20131022172801|CG|0007685|E ngage 7Fr 12cm Sheath|1|1
FT1|5|||20131022130525|20131022172801|CG|0008561|E dwards Swan Ganz|1|1
FT1|6|||20131022130525|20131022172801|CG|0007691|. 035-145 3mm J Guidewire|1|1
FT1|7|||20131022130525|20131022172801|CG|0008587|T ransducer|1|1
FT1|8|||20131022130525|20131022172801|CG|0008429|M anifold Kit|1|1
FT1|9|||20131022130525|20131022172801|CG|0007321|C ath Pack/Cardiac|1|1
FT1|10|||20131022130525|20131022172801|CG|0007684| Engage 6Fr 12cm Sheath|1|1
FT1|11|||20131022130525|20131022172801|CG|0007532| 6F IM Impulse Catheter|1|1
FT1|12|||20131022130525|20131022172801|CG|0007511| 6F FR4 Impulse Catheter|1|1
FT1|13|||20131022130525|20131022172801|CG|0004259| Transducer IBP Kit|1|1
FT1|14|||20131022130525|20131022172801|CG|0007681| Mynx Grip 6/7Fr|1|1
FT1|15|||20131022130525|20131022172801|CG|0008742| C02 Detector|1|1
FT1|16|||20131022130525|20131022172801|CG|0008552| Defib Pads|1|1
PR1|0||3601526|Right Heart Cath|20030422082900|I
PR1|1||3601527|Left Heart Cath, Retrograde|20030422082900|I

This is my transformer code to create the procedures only message:
First I delete existing FT1's which are supply codes using:
delete msg['FT1'];

Then copy the values in PR1's to variables, create new FT1's and finally delete the PR1's:
var n = '0';
for each (seg in msg..PR1) {
//if (seg.name().toString() == "PR1") {

var n = msg['PR1'][n]['PR1.1']['PR1.1.1'].toString();
var code = msg['PR1'][n]['PR1.3']['PR1.3.1'].toString();
var desc = msg['PR1'][n]['PR1.4']['PR1.4.1'].toString();
var date = msg['PR1'][n]['PR1.5']['PR1.5.1'].toString();

if (n !== '') {
msg['FT1'][n]['FT1.1']['FT1.1.1'] = n;
msg['FT1'][n]['FT1.4']['FT1.4.1'] = date;
msg['FT1'][n]['FT1.5']['FT1.5.1'] = date;
msg['FT1'][n]['FT1.6']['FT1.6.1'] = 'CG';
msg['FT1'][n]['FT1.7']['FT1.7.1'] = code;
msg['FT1'][n]['FT1.8']['FT1.8.1'] = desc;
msg['FT1'][n]['FT1.9']['FT1.9.1'] = 1;
msg['FT1'][n]['FT1.10']['FT1.10.1'] = 1;
delete msg['PR1'];

This is my output message for procedure codes only:
MSH|^~\&|CATHLAB^Sensis|CATHLAB|^Server|GVH|201310 22172800||DFT^P03|1564|P|2.4
PID||M000000049|M000000049||ONBASE^JESSIE^WILLIAM| |19421019|M|||V00000000022|||||||V00000000022|123-45-6782
FT1|0|||20030422082900|20030422082900|CG|3601526|R ight Heart Cath|1|1
FT1|1|||20030422082900|20030422082900|CG|3601527|L eft Heart Cath, Retrograde|1|1

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