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Mirth Match Overview

Mirth Match is a reference implementation of the HSSP Identity Cross-Reference Service (IXS) (formerly Entity Identification Service/EIS). As such, the exposed Webservice API for Mirth Match consists of a set of service interfaces designed to uniquely identify various kinds of entities (e.g. people: patients, providers etc., devices) within disparate systems within a single enterprise and/or across a set of collaborating enterprises.

From a standards standpoint, the IXS Draft Standard for Trial Use (DSTU) is a draft functional standard defining the functions, responsibilities, inputs, outputs, and expected behavior of a system component for managing identities, such as would be used in a Master Patient Index (MPI). Not limited to use for Patients, the IXS SFM can be equally applied to manage identities for staff, providers, facilities, or any other “entities” needing identity management. The IXSSFM is among the first healthcare standards targeted to support a service-oriented architecture (SOA), and establishes a basis for an unprecedented collaboration with the Object Management Group (OMG) that has adopted a technical specification complementing this SFM.

Mirth Match is capable of being deployed in several common healthcare system patterns such as an MPI or EMPI.

Operational and Support Instructions

Other Information

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