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You can also view resources from your FHIR server in any modern browser. For example, the capability statement:

Or, searching on a particular patient:

If anything goes wrong and the server returns an OperationOutcome, you will see that as well:

The web pages served to clients are generated from HTML templates in the extensions/fhir/public_html/ folder in your installation directory. These three templates are available:

  • template.html: This is the main template for all pages that are served. Use this to include common headers/footers, CSS/JS assets, or anything else that you will show on all pages. The "mainContainer" div is where specific page content is populated.
  • resource.html: This is the template used for any resource returned by the server. This includes virtually everything, the only exception being Binary resources (when you don't request a specific return format in the URL).
  • landingpage.html: This is the template used for the base URL (GET [base]/). You can use this to return a custom "home page" for your FHIR server.

The "assets" folder is automatically served up by the server as well, so you can use it to include any resources (images, scripts, etc.) that your pages will need.

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