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T Key Summary P Status Resolution Created Updated
Task MIRTH-3325 Migrate from 3.0.3 to 3.1.0 Blocker Closed Fixed Jun 06, 2014 Sep 18, 2014
Task MIRTH-3453 Remove Check for Updates from Extension tasks Minor Closed Fixed Sep 11, 2014 Sep 15, 2014
Sub-task MIRTH-3439 Destination's are skipped after recovering destination messages until channel is restarted Blocker Closed Fixed Sep 08, 2014 Sep 26, 2014
Sub-task MIRTH-3236 Apparent PostgreSQL deadlock when removing all messages while a channel is starting Critical Closed Fixed Apr 16, 2014 Sep 04, 2014
Sub-task MIRTH-3334 Allow deploy and undeploy tasks to occur simultaneously for different channels Major Closed Fixed Jun 11, 2014 Aug 21, 2014
Sub-task MIRTH-3332 Generate usage data and send to Update servlet Major Closed Fixed Jun 10, 2014 Sep 18, 2014
Sub-task MIRTH-3365 Add batch support to all connectors Major Closed Fixed Jul 14, 2014 Sep 04, 2014
Sub-task MIRTH-3222 On channel startup, messages can be recovered out of order Major Closed Fixed Apr 08, 2014 Sep 30, 2014
Sub-task MIRTH-3320 Attempt to send usage statistics once a day from server or from client whenever user logs in Major Closed Fixed Jun 04, 2014 Sep 18, 2014
Sub-task MIRTH-3265 Upgrade ServerConnection to use Apache HttpComponents Major Closed Fixed May 06, 2014 Aug 28, 2014
Sub-task MIRTH-3252 Add option to use response from first or last message when processing batch Major Closed Fixed Apr 28, 2014 Sep 03, 2014
Sub-task MIRTH-2132 Add way to determine where in batch current message is Major Closed Fixed Apr 17, 2012 Aug 26, 2014
Sub-task MIRTH-2480 Add batch support to all data types Major Closed Fixed Apr 04, 2013 Sep 19, 2014
Sub-task MIRTH-2761 Deploying and undeploying channels should be haltable tasks Major Closed Fixed Jul 15, 2013 Aug 20, 2014
Sub-task MIRTH-2316 Improve the behavior of start/stop/halt when using a batch processor Major Closed Fixed Dec 21, 2012 Aug 29, 2014
Sub-task MIRTH-1985 Upgrade HTTP Sender to use to Apache HttpComponents Major Closed Fixed Oct 12, 2011 Sep 19, 2014
Sub-task MIRTH-1800 Add correlation ID for batch sources Major Closed Fixed Mar 24, 2011 Aug 26, 2014
Sub-task MIRTH-3440 Old messages are run through new destinations on recovery Minor Closed Fixed Sep 09, 2014 Sep 26, 2014
Sub-task MIRTH-3424 Upgrade the update client to use HttpComponents Minor Closed Fixed Aug 27, 2014 Aug 27, 2014
Sub-task MIRTH-3398 Channels can be deployed even after being deleted under some circumstances Minor Closed Fixed Aug 11, 2014 Sep 04, 2014
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