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Mirth Connect Connect 3.1 introduces over a hundred new features, improvements, and bug fixes. It features universal batch support for all data types, connector enhancements, and many other features designed to help you manage your channels.

Batch Processing

Mirth Connect 3.1 adds support for batch processing on nearly all connectors and data types. You can now batch process messages sent through the Mirth Connect Administrator for improved ease of testing.

Batch Metadata

Additional metadata stored in the source map for each batch message allows you to:

  • Link messages in a batch together
  • Determine the current position of the message in the batch
  • Determine if the current message is the last of the batch

Custom Processing

Select from different batch modes or create your own with custom JavaScript code to batch process virtually any file format.

Connector Improvements

HTTP Listener and Sender

  • Proxy Support
  • Respond with static resources
  • Send arbitrary binary data
  • Automatically parse multipart requests into XML

Web Service Sender

  • Support for multiple concrete services and endpoints
  • Overriding the endpoint address
  • Specify custom headers for requests

Channel Writer

  • Dynamically route to different channels using a single Channel Writer
  • Send metadata along with each message



Configuration Map - Store properties for each server

A new read-only configuration map has been added that can be used anywhere the global map is available. Store server specific properties that will be persisted between server restarts. Share server and channel configurations between servers without having to modify code templates or the global deploy script.

Global Maps - View contents from the Administrator

The contents of the global map and global channel maps can now be viewed directly from the Administrator dashboard.

Name your server

Manager multiple servers more easily by creating a name for your server which will appear in the Administrator title, taskbar/dock, and desktop shortcut.

Notifications - Get notified for important news and updates

Receive notifications directly within the Mirth Connect Administrator to know immediately when a new version is released or to stay informed about important developments.

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