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This FAQ covers technical questions regarding Mirth Connect. For more general questions about Mirth Connect or Mirth Corporation, please see the Mirth Connect Product FAQ.

What are the key components of the Mirth Connect architecture?

Mirth Connect consists of the Mirth Connect Server, Mirth Connect Administrator, Mirth Connect Server Manager, and Mirth Connect Command Line Interface.

  • Mirth Connect Server contains the back-end for the management interface and the integration engine component, which performs message filterting, transformation, and transmission.
  • Mirth Connect Administrator is the graphical user interface that connects to the Mirth Connect Server and allows you to configure interfaces, monitor interface activity, and browse the message store.
  • Mirth Connect Server Manager is a graphical user interface that manages the Mirth Connect service, displays log files, and contains other configuration settings for the Mirth Connect Server.
  • Mirth Connect Command Line Interface (CLI) is a command line tool that allows connections to the Mirth Connect Server to deploy/import/export channels and perform other administrative tasks.

How do I start Mirth Connect?

Once Mirth Connect has been installed, there are several ways to launch the Mirth Connect Administrator. On a Windows installation, there is a Mirth Connect Administrator item in the Start Menu which launches the application directly. If the Mirth Connect Server Manager is installed, there is a “Launch Administrator” button in the lower left corner which will also start the application.

If the option is not available, you can connect to the Mirth Connect Administrator launch page which by default should be available at http://<ip-address>:8080. Clicking the Launch Mirth Connect Administrator button will connect you to the server which will be listening on https://<ip-address>:8443. If running a new installation, the default username and password for the login screen is admin and admin. This should be changed immediately for security purposes.

The Mirth Connect Administrator is a Java application that is downloaded from the Mirth Connect Server and launched on the local system. You can connect to any Mirth Connect installation by launching its Administrator, regardless of the version.

If you are launching the Administrator for the first time, you will notice that its libraries will be downloaded. This feature allows you run the Administrator from any remote Mirth Connect Server without having to download and install a separate client.

What are the default username and password for Mirth Connect?

The default username and password are both “admin”, although we strongly recommend changing these when prompted after your first time logging in.

Which ports need to be opened to access Mirth Connect from outside of a network?

  • TCP 8080 – Required for viewing the Mirth Connect Administrator launch page
  • TCP 8443 – Mirth Connect Administrator port for communicating with Mirth Connect Server

How can I increase the amount of memory allocated to the Mirth Connect Server/Service?

If you are running the Mirth Connect Server Manager, there is an option for changing the amount of memory the Mirth Connect Service is allocated from the default of 256MB to something larger.

The value can also be changed manually by editing the %MIRTH_HOME%/mcservice.vmoptions file and changing -Xmx256m to a different value. Other JVM options can also be added to this file. You can add one option per line, and the last line in this file must be a blank line.

If you are not using the Mirth Connect Service and are running the Mirth Connect Server manually through its executable (mcserver), then you should edit the mcserver.vmoptions file instead.

How can I change the database that Mirth Connect uses for its data store?

First, make sure to export your channels and message data (if needed) since the new database you are switching to will not have any of your current data.

If you have the Mirth Connect Server Manager installed, you can change the database type in the Database tab. Set the URL, username, and password, and restart the service. Mirth Connect will create the necessary tables on the new database.

To manually change the database you can edit the %MIRTH_HOME%/conf/mirth.properties file and set the “database” property to the database of your choice, choosing from the list of examples in the properties file. You will also need to set the “database.url”, “database.username”, and “database.password” properties.

How do I run the Windows installer in unattended mode?

You can run the installer in unattended mode (no user interface with default settings) by adding “-q” when executing the EXE file.

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