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After installing, you should now have "FHIR Listener" as one of your source connector options. You can see that it's quite similar to the HTTP Listener:

A FHIR server provides a capability statement that gives clients an overview of the application. This includes what resources and interactions the application supports, and any other requirements it has. The FHIR Listener connector settings affect what values show up in the capability statement. They are as follows (see also Resource CapabilityStatement - Detailed Descriptions):

  • Capability Statement Template: If set, this will provide a base capability statement that the server will use. The settings below this will still override the matching items in the template. This allows you to configure advanced settings that aren't satisfied by the rest of the options in the UI.
  • Identifier URL: An absolute URL that is used to identify this capability statement when it is referenced in a specification, model, design or an instance.
  • Name: A free text natural language name identifying the capability statement.
  • Supported Formats: Indicates in the capability statement whether XML and/or JSON are formally supported by the server.
  • System Interactions: These are system-level interactions that don't necessary operate on a single resource.

Finally, the Resource Interactions table determines which interactions are supported for each resource type. An "interaction" is just a pre-defined method of communicating with the server to send or retrieve a resource or some other metadata. For example, the "read" interaction accesses the current contents of a resource with a GET request. For more information, go here: http://hl7.org/fhir/STU3/http.html.

The selections you make in the Resources table will be reflected in the generated capability statement, telling clients what is supported and what isn't. You can multi-select resources in the table, then use the check boxes to the right to toggle interactions on or off.

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