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After installing, you should now have "FHIR Sender" as one of your destination connector options. It is similar to the HTTP Sender:

Retrieving and Viewing Capabilities

The FHIR Sender has the ability to request a Capability Statement from the remote server and cache it locally. Enter the Capabilities URL, which can be either the Base URL or the /metadata URL. Then click on the Get Capabilities button.

Once the capability statement has been successfully retrieved, the Capabilities label will be populated with a short summary of the remote server's capabilities:

To view more details, click on the View Capabilities button:

The Summary tab here shows some general information about the server's capabilities, like which system/resource interactions or operations are supported. To view the entire capability statement, click on the XML or JSON tab.


The Capabilities URL is optional, and is only used on the client-side to retrieve and cache the remote capability statement.

The URL field is where actual deploy-time requests will be sent.

The URL will automatically be populated when Get Capabilities is used. If the server presents a specific implementation URL, that's what will be populated. Otherwise, the URL will be populated with the same URL you used to retrieve capabilities with. If this is not correct, you can change the URL field manually.

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