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Mirth encourages contribution of patches, documentation, and components from the community. This document details guidelines for contributing and integrating contributed artifacts.


Patches should be submitted as a patch which can be created using a diff tool. The preferred diff format is unified.

Each software change should be consise, self-contained, and made against up-to-date source code from the trunk. That is:

  • One functional change per patch,
  • One patch per functional change, and
  • be made against a current version.

Bug fixes should be made against a specific release or HEAD, while enhancements should always be made against HEAD.

Patches should be submitted through the issue tracker.

Copyright Notices

While you may maintain rights in your modifications, to ensure license compatibility, we require all contributions (your modifications) to be provided under compatible terms. Hence, we suggest the following statement be used:

By making this statement, you are allowing redistribution and use of your modifications under the same terms as Mirth itself. Alternatively, you may assign rights you hold in the work to the Mirth Project. Please contact mirth@mirthcorp.com for instructions.

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