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The Mirth Connect Server is a fully standalone application that does not require any sort of application server. The Mirth Connect Server and Mirth Connect Administrator are cross-platform applications that only require an Oracle JRE. Supported JRE versions appear in this table: - - 3.1.x3.2.x - 3.4.x3.5.x3.6.x+
JRE 1.6(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)(error)(error)
JRE 1.7(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)(error)
JRE 1.8(tick)(error)*(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
JRE 1.9(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(tick)
JRE 1.10(error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(tick)

* JRE 1.8 is not supported by Mirth Connect 3.0.0 and 3.0.1 due to a bug in one of our third party libraries (MIRTH-3207)


The Mirth Connect Server requires a database for its configuration and message store. For quick deployment, development, and testing, Mirth Connect already includes an embedded database (Apache Derby). For production use, the latest version of Mirth Connect supports the following databases:

  • PostgreSQL 8.3+
  • MySQL 5.6+
  • Oracle 10gR2+
  • SQL Server 2005+

Note that the above database requirements only apply to what is used for the configuration and message store of the Mirth Connect Server, and have no impact on which databases Mirth Connect can interface with.

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