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There is also a FhirUtil class accessible in JavaScript contexts. This contains methods to convert to and from XML/JSON, create special resource types like OperationOutcome, or generating resource narratives. Here are some of the most useful methods available:

  • toXML(resource)
  • fromXML(resourceXML)
  • toJSON(resource)
  • fromJSON(resourceJSON)
  • xmlToJSON(resourceXML)
  • jsonToXML(resourceJSON)
  • createOperationOutcome(severity, code, details)
  • createBinaryResource(byteArray, mimeType)
  • createBinaryResource(base64String, mimeType)
  • generateNarrative(resource)

There are others too; as mentioned before you can look at the Reference list, the auto-completion dialog, or the Javadoc for more information.

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