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Displays a summary of the available shell commands.


Lists the status of all deployed channels. For example:

ID Status Name
2d286176-8ada-49e2-a295-9aa145cd26c7 STARTED Channel 1
a74dbfd9-7aed-4142-a519-1ff080fc6438 STARTED Channel 2


Starts all deployed channels.


Stops all deployed channels.


Pauses all deployed channels.


Resumes all paused channels.

deploy [timeout]

Deploys all Channels with optional timeout (in seconds).

import "path" [force]

Imports channel specified by <path>. Optional 'force' overwrites existing channels.

export id | "name" | * "path"

Exports the specified channel or channels to <path>.

importcfg "path"

Imports the saved Mirth configuration specified by <path>.

exportcfg "path"

Exports the current Mirth configuration to <path>.

importscript Deploy | Preprocessor | Postprocessor | Shutdown "path"

Imports the named global script from the file specified by <path>.

exportscript Deploy | Preprocessor | Postprocessor | Shutdown "path"

Exports the named global script to the file specified by <path>.

channel start|stop|pause|resume|stats id|"name"|*

Starts, stops, pauses, resumes, or displays statistics for the specified channel.

channel remove|enable|disable id|"name"|*

Removes, enables, or disables the specified channel.

channel list

Lists all Channels, deployed or not. For example:

$channel list
ID Enabled Name
2d286176-8ada-49e2-a295-9aa145cd26c7 ENABLED Channel 1
a74dbfd9-7aed-4142-a519-1ff080fc6438 ENABLED Channel 2
5218528e-a8c4-430f-8951-1d5dd1034858 DISABLED


Removes all messages from all Channels.


Resets the statistics for all Channels.

dump stats|events "path"

Writes all channel statistics or events to specified file.

user list

Lists the currently defined users. For example:

$user list
ID User Name Name Email
1 admin null null

user add username "password" "name" "email"

Adds the specified user.

user remove id|username

Removes the specified user

user changepw id|username "newpassword"

Changes the specified user's password.


Quits out of the Mirth Shell.


Shuts down the Mirth server.

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