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The Status Tasks area provides access to basic channel control operations.


Updates the channel status area of the dashboard. By default, this area is automatically refreshed every ten seconds. The time between automatic refreshes can be configured via the Settings view.

Start All Channels

Starts all deployed channels that are currently stopped.

Stop All Channels

Stops all deployed channels that are currently started.

Reset All Channels

Deletes all messages and resets the statistics for all deployed channels.

Send Message

The Send Message dialog allows a message to be sent to the selected channel, to aid in testing the channel.


View Messages

Shows the stored messages for the selected channel.
See Message Browser section for full details.

Remove All Messages

Discards all stored messages for the selected channel.

Clear Statistics

Clears the statistics for the selected channel.

Pause Channel

Pauses the selected channel, temporarily suspending its processing of messages. Incoming messages for the channel will be accepted and queued in memory.

Stop Channel

Stops the selected channel. Attempts to send to the channel will fail.

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