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titlePlease read this!

It is important to follow all of the steps below, to ensure that you do not lose any data. Be sure to check out the Channel updates section for version specific changes that aren't automatically performed during the upgrade process.

titleMessage Migration

If you are upgrading to Mirth Connect 3.x from Mirth Connect 2.x, your existing messages will not be upgraded. This includes any queued messages that have not been sent, as well as any historical message records. After upgrading, Mirth Connect 2.x messages will not be available in the Mirth Connect Administrator, but will remain in the database in the OLD_MESSAGE table. Please see Other instructions for 3.0.0 for information about flushing out queued messages.


If you are upgrading from a previous version nothing will change, your keystore and passwords will remain the same. This is only done for completely new servers where the keystore hasn't yet been created and the passwords are still set to the default values.



In 3.8 we upgraded the MySQL JDBC driver to version 8.0.16, so that the latest MySQL 8.x can be used. However the new driver doesn't support versions of MySQL older than 5.6. Since these older versions are over 10 years old and are already listed as End-Of-Life by Oracle, we've made the decision to adjust our system requirements to reflect that 5.6+ is now the minimum supported version for MySQL.

If you still need to connect to an older version of MySQL, don't worry you still can!

Connecting via a Database Reader/Writer or in JavaScript

  • Download the appropriate MySQL JDBC Driver JAR for the version of MySQL you need to connect to.
  • Place this JAR into a folder of your choice on the system running Mirth Connect.
  • Create a new library resource (Settings -> Resources tab) pointing to that folder.
  • Link your connector/channel to your new resource (Summary tab -> Set Dependencies).
  • Make sure you're using the old driver class name, "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver".

Using an old version of MySQL for your Connect backend database

  • Download the appropriate MySQL JDBC Driver JAR for the version of MySQL you need to connect to.
  • Swap this JAR with the MySQL 8.x driver in the "server-lib/database" folder in your installation directory.
  • Set "database.driver = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" in mirth.properties.
  • Make sure that any Database Reader/Writer connectors that are connecting to the old version of MySQL use the old driver class name, "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver".

If you need to use an old version of MySQL for the backend database and also need to connect to newer MySQL 8.x+ databases as well, you can follow the steps in the section above to include the 8.x JDBC driver as a custom resource.