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Getting the FHIR Connector

Download the FHIR Connector here: https://www.mirth.com

Installing the FHIR Connector

The FHIR Connector is installed like any other Mirth Connect extension. This can be done through the Mirth Connect Administrator in the Extensions view, or by extracting the contents of the provided ZIP file into the extensions directory inside the Mirth Connect installation directory.


After restarting the server, make sure that you launch the Mirth Administrator by clicking the Launch Mirth Connect Administrator button and not using a previously downloaded JNLP file.

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  1. Not able to downlaod Fhir extnesion

  2. I am not able to download the FHIR extension from the above link - any help appreciated

    1. More specifically, what happens when you click on the "Download now" button?

  3. The rectangular pop  up come up , but there is no link to click to download

  4. in the pop up the, one cannot click on the download now

    1. Hmm, not sure what's going on there. Contact us at Mirth-insidesales@nextgen.com and we'll get it to you directly!

  5. Missing route to download file ....

    1. Go to: https://www.nextgen.com/products-and-services/integration-engine

      Scroll down until you see the section on FHIR, and click the Download Now button there.

      1. Tks Nick! It´s work!


  6. Please fix the download on this wiki page. Thanks.

    1. There's no download from this wiki page, it links to our website which has the download. I just tested it and it appears to work just fine...

      1. There is an image with a button and a link to the general mirth page. I'll rephrase, can we get the download link explicitly on this wiki page? It seems it's not only me who has problems finding the actual link. Thanks.

  7. got the exception below: latest Mirth Connect 3.6.1 version 

    Could not load code template plugin: com.mirth.connect.connectors.fhir.client.FhirListenerCodeTemplatePlugin
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mirth.connect.connectors.fhir.client.FhirListenerCodeTemplatePlugin

    For whoever run into the same problem, finally the problem was resolved by clearing the Java Cache. 

  8. download doesnt work, I just see and empty modal window, tested on firefox and chrome under linux.

    1. Hello friends.

      I downloaded this link: https://www.nextgen.com/products-and-services/integration-engine

      It takes 15 seconds to load the page.

  9. Hello,

    The link is asking for # of Provider* and showing no available options in this dropdownlist. I am not able to download the connector.


  10. the download page takes 10 minutes to load, it's broken, this is the direct link just in case others want to avoid the broken download http://downloads.mirthcorp.com/fhir/3.8.1/fhir-3.8.1.b262.zip

  11. I see few people getting confused with the download image in this section and complaining that download link is not working. It's just an image provided as an example. You need to download it from NextGen site https://www.nextgen.com/products-and-services/integration-engine. Here is a direct download link for v3.9.1 if you find it hard to locate FHIR extension on NextGen download page http://downloads.mirthcorp.com/fhir/3.9.1/fhir-3.9.1.b278.zip