Mirth is a global leader in Health Information Technology, delivering solutions that dramatically reduce the time, cost, and technology barriers to healthcare transformation. Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, we serve many of the nation’s largest and most respected healthcare organizations. Mirth solutions are used daily by thousands of health professionals across the U.S. to streamline care processes, and to securely exchange health information.

Mirth’s nimble and customer-driven innovation model results in purpose-built solutions designed to help you advance at every stage in your healthcare organization’s transformation. From achieving interoperability across your silo’d systems to advancing your initiatives to deliver accountable care across populations, we help you get real results in realistic timeframes.

Whether your focus this year is on aligning and connecting your provider community, powering your private Health Information Exchange, or delivering critical patient information to the point of care, Mirth can help. Our agile and modular solutions components snap together neatly, so you can start small and build over time without worrying about backward compatibility or downstream integration headaches.

Mirth enables you to get the most out of your existing IT resources and prior investments, rather than having to hire specialized talent or replace costly legacy systems. We have no business agenda other than your success.

Mirth levels the playing field for healthcare organizations of all sizes, enabling you to compete on the quality and efficiency of clinical care, the responsiveness of patient service and the demonstration of superior outcomes.