Mirth Results

Mirth Results builds upon the success of Mirth Connect by leveraging the integration engine’s powerful message processing capabilities as the foundation for a new Clinical Data Repository (CDR).

Mirth Results can collect, organize, and aggregate clinical data from many different sources. This clinical data is easily viewed and queried, and patient matching across these sources occurs seamlessly when coupled with Mirth Match. The types of clinical data that can be stored in Mirth Results currently include full patient demographics and clinical observations such as laboratory and imaging results. All accesses to clinical data are fully audited, and a user’s ability to view this data can be restricted to specific providers, source data streams, and/or delivery sites. Incoming data streams can be further transformed, filtered, and delivered to participating EMRs/EHRs to keep them synchronized with the CDR. Mirth Results supports flexible deployment patterns ranging from a single centralized instance to a more distributed, compartmentalized topology.

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HIE Use Case
You are a county healthcare official, and you want to enable the practices, clinics, and hospitals within your county to receive and exchange data electronically. There are a number of small hospitals and radiology facilities, along with several large regional labs servicing your county’s needs. Very few of the practices in your county currently utilize EHRs. You have little funding to acquire an existing solution from established vendors. Leveraging Mirth Results and working with MirthCorp, you begin offering basic services to the facilities and practices in your community via a lightweight clinical data delivery portal. Using the relationships you have established, you begin coordinating with your public health and ED facilities to provide valuable, timely, and accurate clinical data.
Hospital Use Case
You run a small hospital that outsources most of its lab orders. These orders are sent to different reference labs for fulfillment based on the type of test ordered. The results from these orders can be delivered electronically, but you do not have the capability of receiving them, let alone organizing them in a usable way. This is where Mirth Results comes in. A single instance of Mirth Results, delivered on a Mirth Appliance, receives, normalizes, and stores these clinical data feeds into your CDR, complete with a longitudinal view by patient. You now have a solid repository of data to begin utilizing for your hospitals important reporting needs.