Mirth Consulting — From Download to Solution
Mirth offers a full range of consulting services to help your team go from download to solution. Commercial open source Health IT optimizes your ability to allocate your budget where it counts--not on large, up front software licenses, but on the professional services and expertise it takes to ensure your HIT project is successful. Mirth offers a wide range of consulting services for the design, development, deployment, and maintenance of applications based on the Mirth Suite of Health IT infrastructure components. From EMR integration to lab result delivery to EMPI deployment, our certified Mirth experts have years of experience delivering successful Health IT implementations.
Delivery and Methodology
Mirth consulting engagements are typically short-term or periodic in nature to provide you expert assistance at various stages of the application lifecycle. Mirth Consulting Services can be called upon to help with any aspect of design, deployment, or solution development, and services can be delivered on-site or remotely depending on the project and your needs. All Mirth consulting projects begin with requirements-based project scoping and typically lead to fixed-priced or T&M consulting engagements.
Services Available
  • HL7, DICOM, X12, XML data integration and interoperability projects
  • Pre-sales/support engineering assistance
  • Pre-production engineering assistance
  • Migration from other integration engines
  • Application design, prototyping, and proof-of-concepts
  • Mirth Connect, Mirth Match, Mirth Results setup and installation
  • Application integration
  • Performance tuning
  • Application troubleshooting
Mirth Can Help
Please contact Mirth for more information about our consulting services and to discuss your project in detail.
What people are saying about Mirth Professional Services

We were working on a custom solution for our feeds. We got nowhere in 5 months. I heard about Mirth and we were able to complete the project in less than a month. Now I turn to Mirth to see if it can help me in anyway before I move on to a custom solution.

The use of Mirth here has opened doors for everyone of our projects that we have not been able to complete in the past. Mirth has become a critical part of the success of our business. So much so that I have talked Hospitals and billing companies into using the Mirth product. Each customer that started using it is completely overwhelmed with the capabilities that Mirth provides.

This is by far the best product I have worked with to date. Each member of the Mirth team that I have worked with is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. I would recommend using Mirth and working with the Mirth team to any company.

Selected over egate/jcaps.

We have selected Mirth as the result of a “Proof of concept” challenge between several providers. An e*gate solution had been in place before, and we were looking for a new service provider for the maintenance of the existing and the development of new processes. Competing products have been e*gate, a Microsoft product and Mirth. The e*gate provider quit the POC after reading the requirements. The MS provider showed up but was unable to show fully operational data flow as required.

The Mirth provider fully implemented the requirements within the time slot available, showed even further development possibilities, we had enough time to make load tests (like : 1000 incoming messages simultaneously with 3 different destinations + transformations + filters) as well as failure test (what are the losses is network connection is interrupted). Needless to say that the decision for Mirth was very easy. In addition, the estimated manpower for full analysis and implementation was lower than estimated manpower for preliminary analysis for the MS product!

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