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Mirth Connect 3.8 is a minor stability update with a couple dozen bug fixes, some third-party library updates, and a few new features and improvements.

Custom Administrator Background Colors

There are now options that allow you to set a custom background color for the Administrator GUI. There is an overall Server setting for the default color that administrators can set for their server. In addition, each user can individually set their own custom colors per environment.

For example, you could set different default colors for your DEV and PROD environments so that you have an immediate visual reminder of which one you're currently logged into:

Custom FTP Login Commands

Some FTP servers (like IBM AS/400) require you to send one or more custom commands before you're able to read or write files with a standard FTP client. In 3.8 we've added a new advanced option for the FTP mode of the File Writer. You can specify one or more (comma-separated) commands that will be issued after the FTP client logs into the server.


Database Reader/Writer Driver improvements

In previous versions the dbdrivers.xml file was used to determine which JDBC drivers are shown in the Database Reader/Writer drop-down menus. In 3.8 we now store this information in the database, and the UI has been improved so you can add/modify your current list of drivers directly through the Administrator. You no longer need to edit that file, and you no longer need to restart Connect for these changes to take effect. When upgrading to 3.8 your dbdrivers.xml file will be automatically migrated to the database.

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